A Diet so Powerful, You can eat Big Mac’s 6 times per day, 7 days per week and still be ripped!

A Eating Plan so Effective that even if you just follow it One day per week, it will literally force your body into shape!

 Aren’t You just so dam tired of companies FLAT OUT lying to you just so that they can get your money!

Companies who take advantage of your emotional state, AND MAKE NO MISTAKE, if you are buying a product to help you lose weight you are in a very emotional state. I know I was there just a few years ago and I would have done and give ANYTHING to drop fat, and I did! I must have wasted so much money on scams, fake weight loss pills etc!

BUT today all of that STOPS!

Today I want to introduce you to a company that is built on Honesty and Trust! And their product that was created based on facts, not fiction! A product that was created from the ground up to do one thing and one thing only, help you get in shape in the shortest possible time!


Hi Everyone!

Peter Carvell here, you migh or might not  know me as I don’t really go out to be famous or anything like that or to prove how amazing I am. I am really not into any of that BS. I am more about providing solutions and information that will help people get into amazing shape quickly! Now if you have been around any of our websites like Sixpackfactory.com you will also know that we don’t sell many products. WHY SHOULD WE? Just to clutter up the already saturated market? Nha I have better things to do!

BUT when we do bring out a product it is normally because we don’t feel there is something on the market really good enough, powerful enough, simple enough to make a real difference! And that is in fact how The6PackDiet came about.

It all started a few months back. See we provide a FREE 12 week body transformation system called The Workout Club. This service provides powerful daily workouts that you can do at home to get results fast. But it is only workouts. And if you have been around any of our website you will know that you must combine powerful workouts with a powerful eating plan otherwise you won’t get any results!

So we started to look around at eating plans and diet products that we wanted to recommend to our all users. We soon realized there just wasn’t anything really good out there. It was either too complicated, based on taken hundreds of pills and some where just flat out rubbish! And that is when we decided to create The6PackDiet.

It is based on many of the exact same techniques I used during my own body transformation. But then I have added all the tip’s and tricks that I have learned over the last 11 years in the fitness industry. We then added technology, software, videos and every single cutting edge bit of info we could find that will help you get results faster.

The 6PackDiet was created to be Simple but Effective. A diet you can live with. A diet that was created from the ground up with only one goal in mind, to get you ripped ASAP! 

Now like I said, I am not one for going on and on about things and I know we all have very busy lifes. Me and my team has already put all the hard work into creating this product, software and private members website that makes up this full package so I don’t want to waste even more time writing this page to you, I would much rather get you on the other side so that we can get started with your new body!

But I am sure you would like to see a little something of what you will get once you buy this product so lets quickly look at the full package that is The6PAckDiet!

Oh yes, that is me on the right. I use to be 276lbs and drop over 100lbs to get ripped in just a few short months using the exact same eating techniques I teach in this book.   See Video of my body transformtion here.

Here are just some of the amazing things you will get as part of The6PackDiet System


The6PackDiet is one of biggest diet books I have ever seen. Normally you look at around 80 to 90 pages for a book of this kind. The6PackDiet is a whopping 196 pages! Now this does not mean more to read, more confusion and more hassle. NO WAY. It means more resources, more ready use meal plans, more mouth watering recipes and more of the stuff you need and less of what you don’t. If it is in this book, it will benefit you! Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Everything You will ever need to know about Supplements
  • Meal Plan structure and Planning
  • Pre/Post Workout Nutrition
  • How to cook food that tastes great but are extremely healthy
  • Page of mouth watering Recipes Anyone can make
  • Ready To Use Meal Plans that works
  • 18 Day Quick Start – start dropping fat from day 1
  • 12 Week Body Transformation Eating Plan
  • Easy Pick System – Create meals in seconds
  • We take things to whole new level with these Advanced Diet Strategies
  • Resources (Log Files, Shopping List, Links, Glycemic index …. )

We left nothing out!


Private Members Website

To create a book is great, but it has its limitation. It’s not interactive. It doesn’t provide support. And it doesn’t evolve! 3 Things that was very important to us once we decided to create The6PackDiet.  We wanted to provide ongoing support on a daily basis to all our members. We wanted to update and add new recipes, new articles and new videos each week. And lastly we wanted The6PackDiet to really be the last diet book you will ever have to buy by allowing it to evolve each month and year and the only way we could do all these things was by creating a website. But it is not just another website pack with page after page of useless info. Here are just some of the stuff you will find on the site:

  • Interactive software designed just for us to will help you create meals in just a few seconds
  • Professional cooking videos
  • Nutritional calculators
  • Daily e-mail mentoring programs to make sure you know what to do and what to eat to get ripped fast

Exclusive Software

We have created a brand new piece of software called Easy Pick , exclusively for all our new members and product holder’s that will allow you to quickly create your own custom meal plans in seconds.

In other words. Within just a few clicks you will be able to pick 6 meals that you can make and eat during any specific day. But it is not just random meals. These are meals that will help you get results and that was designed specifically for each one of your 6 meals per day. For example the software will automatically create a meal for you for dinner that will make sure you don’t have access carbs late at night and so pick up weight instead of losing weight. And it will give you a breakfast that was designed to provide you with energy and fat burning nutrients each morning.

So it is not just an effective piece of software, it is also intelligent. Not to mention it evolves over time as we add more meals for each specific meal of the day. This will allow you to create countless, exciting meals for each and every meal you need to eat for the rest of your life! And no, you won’t find this anywhere else as I just had this created for our members only!



Professional Cooking Videos

We have teamed up with a professional chef and our sister production company to bring you high quality healthy cooking videos. Sit back, watch, and learn while a professional chef takes you through many great tasting meals step by step. From showing what ingredients you need to the finished product. I can promise you this; you won’t be able to sit and watch these videos for too long as you will want to get into the kitchen yourself and try some of these delicious, easy to make meals.

Each week we will add more videos to make sure you never run out of ideas when it comes to creating healthy and tasty meals.

12 Week Rapid Fat Loss Diet Program & Unlimited Support

Support is very important to us. After all is that not one of the main reasons why you buy a new diet product? In the hope that you will get some personal and private support so that you will know what to do, step by step? But so many products fail almost straight away when it comes to this. In fact if you have looked through as many diet books as I did when I started out, you will probably feel more confused after you have read them, then when you started out.

Well, I did not want to make that mistake and support was very high in our list of priorities when we created this product. So first of all you will have private support via the website where you can ask me personally any question you might have. You will also receive a private support e-mail address where you can contact me privately to help with any aspect of your diet.

And then the most exciting support structure we have put in place is our 12 week rapid fat loss diet success program. Once you sign up to this program ( Free to all members ) you will receive a e-mail each day for 12 weeks that will tell you what to eat and how to use The6PackDiet to get results fast. No wonder what you should do, no being confused, just straight forward step by step advice to help you get the most from The6PackDiet.


Lifetime Updates of this Ever evolving product

The Last Diet Book You will ever buy! I bet you have heard that before right? And let’s face it, it was probably right because after you bought and once again did not get results I bet you promised yourself to NEVER buy another diet book EVER! I know how you feel! I must have bought so many book back when I wanted to lose weight I lost count!

Another word you have heard on this page a few times now is EVOLVE. But what exactly does this mean to you. Well like I said, when I started to create this product I wanted to make sure it will NEVER go out of date and to do that it must continually evolve. But how do you do that with a static diet book?

Well, you first of all provide an interactive website like we did but then you also bring out a NEW version of the actual diet book each year. Yip, every single year we will bring out a revised version of The6PackDiet. If there was any new research, eating techniques or foods that have come onto the market and we feel it is beneficial to you, then we will add it to the book for the next version!

And the best part? Once you buy this book you will get the new version, each year, for the REST OF YOU LIFE! See we did not want to say “Hey, this is the last diet book you will ever buy” because we want to pretend it is the BEST book on the market ( We already know that :) ). We wanted to say it because we know, that once you buy this book you will always have the latest and most up to date information in dieting and eating healthy through our ever evolving product!  PS: We are already working on two new chapters of 10 pages each that will be out next month!



 For the next 3 Days only we have created a MEGA 6 PACK BONUS offer where we have put together some pretty amazing products that will help you get even better results.

Get all 6 Bonus Products for the next 24 only! 

And that is it! Pretty amazing hey! There is nothing like this on the market right now! I know becuase I was looking for it and did not find it anywhere!

So this is The full package you will get if you buy today. But what if you buy it and you don’t like it or it doesn’t get you the results you were hoping for? Well that is where my one of kind Guarantee comes in!

Don’t you just hate those 30 or even 60 day money back guarantees? Let’s face it, the only reason they do it is because they know after 30 days, you probably would not have got any results from their BS product and guess what, NOW you can get your money back! Well we are not like that! In fact I don’t want your money unless my product delivers on the promised it made. I will never care more about money then about the results you get, NEVER! So I am going to give you a 6 month money back guarantee. YIP that is a 183 days. If at any stage you feel this product was not worth it, or you are not getting the results that you were hoping for, just send me a e-mail and I will instantly give you your money back. Heck, you can try out my full 12 week Rapid Fat Loss Program during that time. You can downalod and read every signle product and bonus product during that time. And still, if during the first 6 months of you buying this product you are at any stage not happy, just ask for your money back!

Listen, I know you did not come here to scam me or to steal my product. You are here because you want to get into shape right? And I know how many BS books there is out there that promises the world but never delivers. So I want to make this buy a NO brainer for you. But even more importantly I want you to get this product because I know this time round it will deliver! But you know what; a money back guarantee is just a coward’s way out really! People give money back guarantee because they don’t want to waste time helping you because time is money and real customer support can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money…

So here is my REAL Guarantee to you!

If you buy The6PackDiet and you are not 100% happy. Maybe you were hoping for something to be in the book that isn’t. Or maybe you want more recipes etc. I will personally find a way to add or create whatever you are looking for and add it to the book. See I am not here just to take your money and then let you go! NOPE, I am here because I really want to help you succeed and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens! So if you put your trust in me and my product, then I will make dam sure I do everything in my power to help you !


Let’s do one final recap of everything you will get before I give you the opportunity to get your hands on the revolutionary new product that will make every other Diet book seem a little bit OUT OF DATE!

  • The6PackDiet – Instantly download this jam packed 196 page diet book that was designed from the ground up to help you get results fast!
  • Private Members Only Website - Get instant access to our private website that will provide you with all the resources, support and software you will ever need.
  • Exclusive and Brand New Easy Pick Software – Create instant Meal Plans for any meal you need in just a few click with this, not available anywhere else, software.
  • Professionally Created Cooking Videos – You will get instant access to all our high quality healthy cooking videos. Sit back and watch a professional chef show you step by step how to create mouth watering meals.
  • 12 Week Rapid Fat Loss Diet Program – Let me guide you for 12 weeks, day by day, and tell you exactly what to eat and what to do to get the best results from The6PackDiet.
  • 24/7 Private Support – You will have access to me personally via the website and private e-mail for any questions you might have. I am here to help you get ripped, full stop!
  • Lifetime Updates – You will get a new version of The6PackDiet each and every year. On top of that you will get new resources made available via the website every single week.
  • All 6 Bonus Products – Buy during the next 3 days and get all 6 result enhancing bonus products!
  • 183 Day Money Back Guarentee – If you are not 100% happy about anything during the next 6 months I will personally refund you all your money instantly!

  OK, time to take action! If you are seriouse about getting into shape. If you have tried everything and failed. If you have given up on the thought of ever being in amazing shape then THIS is your lucky day! I promise you there is nothing out there on the market today like The6PackDiet. Not as compreinsive or powerful. Not as interactive. And I know for a fact there is nothing out there with the support we will provide.

My main goal with The6PackDiet is to help you get ripped ASAP!

Let’s do this!
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